Bettina Schmoll – Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy

Bettina joins the clinic with almost 20 years of clinical experience. Coming from a background in nursing not only in Australia, but also Germany, has been extremely advantageous. She completed an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science with the inclusion of an Aromatherapy Certificate taught by the founder of the Perfect Potion stores, Salvatore Battaglia in 1998. This has led to a special interest in manufacturing treatment tailored to your specific needs, especially in skin disorders.

With a passion for herbs, even in the garden, she went on to teach Herbal Medicine and has been doing so at the Endeavour College of Natural Health since 2003. After completing a Masters in Health Science at UNE in 2007, Bettina continues to guide her students and patients. Supervising final year students in a clinical environment with a focus upon the diverse use of herbs, as well as empowering you as a patient to trust your capacity for self-care is a priority in her approach.

As current president of the Queensland Herb Society, she is responsible for co-ordinating the general meetings but also running workshops in manufacturing and herbal medicine. Have you ever wanted to know how to make a foolproof cough syrup? Ask Bettina for a recipe, it is easier than you think.

What about managing your diet to reduce PMT symptoms? Or even understanding which missing nutrients are responsible for those cravings? Have you ever wanted to know what the coating on your tongue means? Bettina can tell you whether you are having trouble focusing, pushing yourself too hard, or even if there is a link between your stress and your digestion just from your tongue. Using this and other diagnostic techniques has been advantageous in establishing a comprehensive treatment protocol for patients. The outcome is to achieve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Bettina uses Naturopathy and Nutrition to aid in treating the following:

Eczema/ Dermatitis


Rheumatoid arthritis/osteoarthritis

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Menstrual irregularities – such as extremely heavy bleeding, cycle irregularities, PMT

Immune disturbances – such as acute on chronic recurring infections in both children and adults

Nervous system imbalances

Food allergies and intolerances

General feelings of dis-ease caused by poor stress tolerance



Masters in Health Science

Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Herbal medicine)

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Advanced Diploma / Naturopathy


Full member Naturopath and Herbalist Association of Australian (NHAA) – Member No. 155797













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