Naturopathy – Natural medicine for all.


Originally coined by the German pioneer Benedict Lust, naturopathy means literally “natural treatment”. However Naturopathy can originally be traced back to the time of Hippocrates in 400 BC. Hippocrates recognised the importance of nature’s healing powers.

The foundation of modern day naturopathic practice encompaces a number of natural medicine modalities. Practitioners are usually trained in a range of specialities that can include herbalism and/or homeopathy, nutrition and acupuncture.

Central to all these modalities is a core of “wholism” and the need to treat the cause as well as the presenting symptoms.

Naturopaths believe the body has the power to heal itself so treatment is generally given both to alleviate symptoms and support the bodies own natural healing ability.

Lifestyle and dietary change as well as natural remedies (herbs, cell salts, vitamins and minerals etc.) are used to aid healing.

 A Naturopath now combines this traditional knowledge with modern scientific research, much of which now validates the traditional viewpoint.

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