Stress! It’s what we feel when our peaceful country road of life turns into a raging super highway.

We get cross, irritable and snap at people when we don’t really mean to. We feel worried that we can’t cope with modern demands. We experience periods of lethargy, feeling emotionally ‘flat’ and insomnia. We even question our own sanity. And feel our life is out of control, Frustration sets in.

If you push yourself too hard or are pushed beyond your tolerance level, you’re suffering from stress.

Your body rebels. Its internal harmony gets right out of tune with reality. Organs may begin to malfunction; your memory may fail; you make poor judgements and get short-tempered, quickly, easily.

You feel awful, even ‘liverish’ and ‘out of sorts’ and you can’t put your finger on any one thing. Little wonder. There are many types and causes of stress and many possible reasons why you personally may be feeling ‘stressed out’

If you’re experiencing stress it could be the result of any one or a combination of the following problems:

Emotional: The breakdown of a relationship; the loss of a loved one or pet. Shouldering a heavy workload; reaching the expectations others set for you; constantly having to perform in your job, profession or sport. Simply having to pay the bills.

Physical: Taking on extra work; heavy training sessions.

Hormonal Imbalances: Such as pre-menstrual syndrome.

Low Blood Sugar: As a result of poor diet or inadequate exercise. Possible stress-related digestive disorders.

Poor Immune Function: Caused by poor diet and lifestyle. Recurring allergies such as hayfever and food sensitivities. Possibly the result of chronic infection.

Getting right to the point!

For stress-related problems, acupuncture can aid by stimulating the body to basically ‘heal itself’.

Acupuncture treatment aims to balance the disharmony in your body, putting everything back in tune and may aid in restoring the natural balance of your mental, physical and emotional functions.

Your acupuncturist will specifically devise your individual treatment depending on the kind of stress you are experiencing, and its effects.

Generally, after a treatment, you’ll feel much calmer, more relaxed and aware of the improvement in your sense of well-being. This is part of the “making your Mondays feel like Fridays” experience.

The reason? Your acupuncture treatment will release the ‘Happy Hormones’, body chemicals known as ‘endorphins’, which give you that ‘great to be back on the road again’ feeling.

Acupuncture may provide a drug-free alternative to help you manage the stress of modern society. Its so simple, and it’s been proven over thousands of years.

What a relief!

The beauty of acupuncture is that you’re likely to experience a great feeling from the very first treatment. However, it should be noted that acupuncture gives increasing benefits with each treatment.

While some conditions such as acute stiff neck do respond extremely well to a single treatment, with most stress-related conditions a course of treatment has a greater effect.

The frequency and duration of that treatment will vary according to your individual condition.

Generally speaking, the longer a patient has had a particular condition the longer it will take to treat,

Your nearest accredited acupuncturist will be happy to explain it all to you to help make your weekdays feel like weekends.

Stress Checklist:

Questions your acupuncturist will ask about your stress problems:

  •  Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you seem to toss and turn all night?
  •  Do you experience definite swings in your moods? Do you get depressed easily?
  •  Are you irritable and feeling continually frustrated in your day-today existence?
  •  Do you feel tired, ‘liverish’, short-tempered and ‘out of sorts’?
  •  Do you have difficulty making decisions and often display poor judgement?
  •  Do you have trouble remembering things?
  •  Are you having trouble coping with life?

“Getting to the point of…” Stress brochure. Copied with permission of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.