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OR CALL 0403779983 / (0733670266)


 We are still open and have implemented additional hygiene measures in our workplace in accordance with best practice and will continue to monitor the situation and advice from the government authorities.

These online appointments are available for acupuncture and herbal appointments with Fiona.

For a first appointment please select a 90 min appointment slot. If you’ve been before you can schedule a 60 min appointment.

If an ‘acute’ condition just book where you can or call the clinic on 0403779983 / 33670266.

Appointments are limited online so if another time is required please telephone or SMS.  a preferred time frame.

You’ll need to create an account to schedule an appointment, the setup process is pretty straightforward. If you have any problems making an appointment please call the clinic.

Use the arrows on the Weekly tab to navigate and see availability in the upcoming weeks.

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